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Home of the famous cold-hardy, native

Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard
specializes in propagating and growing native, cold-hardy Katuah Muscadine™ grapes (see voucher here) using biodynamic methods. These special grapes make a great steep slope, cold-hardy crop that can be grown naturally, organically, or biodynamically from which important phytochemicals can be derived for the neutraceutical industry. Our small vineyard is slowly expanding to become a teaching vineyard and will offer visitors to our mountains a heritage experience with grapes. Here is the story of how we came to grow these special grapes (note that it will take several minutes for the videaos to load):
Video of Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard

A Ted Talk: The Story of the cold-hardy Katuah Muscadine

And a recent update:
A TED Talk: Using Viticulture an an Engine for Economic Growth in the Mountains

Farm/Vineyard Tours

Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard is a small steep-slope vineyard planted with native, cold-hardy Katuah Muscadine™ Grapes. The views from our 2100' mountain-top vineyard are among the best in the county. On your tour you will get to see the small greenhouse where the cold-hardy Katuah Muscdine vines are propagated. We will take you for a ride in our Polaris 4-wheel Ranger so you can see our 100 year old barn, our cows and calves, our horses, our top bar bee hive, our rabbits, and our chickens (kids can collect eggs if you are early enough in the day). Depending upon the time of the season, you may get to see a rope-making demonstration. During season you can also taste our grapes and real muscadine juice. Click the "Buy Now" button below to buy your 1-hour farm/vineyard tour tickets - $10 per adult, kids under 12 free.
Call us 828-606-3130 to make sure we are available.
Our farm tours are available from June 15 until October 15 each year.

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If you need a limo service to visit our vineyard, go to or call 828-777-3888


Sustainable Viticulture for our Mountains
Growing grapes with a minimum impact on the land is a high  priority for us. We have 30 years experience in  growing  grapes organically. The result is grapes that taste better and make  better wine. And you can get top dollar from neutraceutical companies who want chemical-free grapes for their phytochemical content used for illness prevention and treatment. Experience has shown that the initial cost to grow grapes organically may be slightly higher than growing grapes traditionally but you can get a premium price for good grapes grown sustainably. As we move into 2013 we continue our transition to biodynamic viticulture. Our bees, chickens and rabbits are now joined by our Scottish Highland cows who will contribute the main ingredient for making horn manure - a key preparation for biodynamic farming.

The Wine Etiquette Guide
Your Defense Against Wine Snobbery

Chuck has published a book about wine etiquette. It covers how to properly toast, hold a glass, and serve wines.
Click here to see some sample pages.

Tobacco Stick Art

Chuck has created some napkin rings from old tobacco sticks found in many of Madison County's old Burley tobacco barns.
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April 2015 on our vineyard/farm

Our donkey, Oh Pear!, had her first colt, Gabriel, on March 25th.
He is so cute!

Our first heifer calf, Ailsa, was born March 15, 2015.
She will be available for sale in September 2015.

Katuah Muscadines - our first crop in 2014! ______________________

Zack, our new steer we swapped for our heifer, Fiona.
He was born January 2014


Bonnie with her calf, Fiona, born April 14, 2014

Chemtrails over our farm has become a daily occurance. We don't understand why more people aren't getting upset with the huge volumes of aluminum, barium and strontium compounds that are raining down on us nearly every day.
Learn about Chemtrails here

Chuck checks his top bar bee hive under the watchful eyes of Stuart Van Meter - August 2013

Blessing1 Blessing2
Father Fred Werth blessing our vineyard in July 2013

Looking east to the Blue Ridge Mountains from our vineyard during sunset in May 2013


Chuck with our first horn manure buried on November 8th, 2012.

top bar
Chuck with brood comb from a new bee swarm being transferred to our top bar bee hive in summer 2012.

new calves
Rosette (left) was born early on the morning of September 28, 2012. Her mother is Ròs (see photo below). Sandy (right) was born in the afternoon of November 5, 2012. His mother is Bonnie. This picture was taken December 20th.

Our two gaited geldings joined our biodynamic vineyard/farm in
July 2012. Prince is our black 6 year old racking horse & Dusty is our 7 year old Appaloosa. Very friendly horses - they love to be fed treats and petted!

Our two Scottish Highland cows, 3 year old Ròs on the left and 4 year old Bonnie on the right, came to Jewel of the Blue Ridge Vineyard in April 2012 to live in their 3 acre biodynamic pasture.


native cold-hardy Muscadine
Jeannie & Chuck Blethen's open house July 2011


Click here to read the September 2014 article in WNC Magazine, "Muscadine Mania"
Click here to see photos of the July 14, 2011 Open House
Open House newspaper article ___________________________________________

Native Cold-hardy Muscadines were recently featured in "Place-Based Foods of Appalachia: From Rarity to Community Restoration and Market Recovery "
Click here to read the article on pages 8 & 9.

Jeannie & Chuck Blethen were selected to be Slow Food USA Delegates to Terra Madre in Torino, Italy in 2010.

Click here to see some of the photos



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